Thursday, October 23, 2008

Potty Training!!

The joys of motherhood!! The time came when I was so "over" diapers! You are tired of changing them & spending the insane amounts of money on them.

H is officially potty trained!

I am sure she will still have a few accidents, you know those when she is playing to hard and can't get to the potty fast enough. She has gone through the night for 2 weeks without having an accident. Traveled in two seven hour car trips without any incidents, just mommy I have to go potty!! Then you have to figure out which exit to get off at and hope and pray its a decent location. The transition has been challenging and took about a month but she was ready to wear big girl panties like her sister. The potty treats and success chart worked perfectly with her. So no more coupon clipping for diapers.

For those who are in the process don't give up just give it some time, it will happen!!