Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleland Ice Skating Rink, Ft. Bragg

I've always loved being at an ice skating rink for some odd reason its relaxing to me. My dad would take us to hockey games when we were younger and even tho it can be an aggressive sport I've always found it relaxing, maybe its the smell of the air crispy and chilly...I could just be weird.

Ok anyway back to the point of this post......

S was doing ballet and I wasn't too happy with the end result of recital she had and the school she was going through they were unorganized and everything was last minute with them. The teacher ended up leaving after the show and that is the only reason why I was still having her attend, she LOVED her teacher.

So the beginning of the year rolled around and that was when J was gone and we were looking for things to do. We stumbled upon ice skating, I inquired about prices and such and let her give it a try. It took her a while to get adjusted one week she would hate it the next she would love it. The lessons are 6 week sessions long enough to get adjusted. It's exciting to see how much she has learned and how comfortable she is becoming on the ice. In the beginning, she was afraid of falling down and looked like a little penguin on the ice. She has advanced to Tot 4- Pre-Alpha which the scale that they are graded on after you learn each skill in ice skating. The instructor wants the kids to master each skill before moving to the next level.

So the holidays are around the corner and this skating director is putting on her First Annual Holiday Show in December. S is now taking regular group lessons and then they have a separate night for rehearsal for the shows. The kids are grouped according to the skill level and they perform groups routines, solos and duets. Imagine listening to Christmas music in September I love it, its relaxing..I think I am weird seriously!! If I could only remember to bring in a cup of hot chocolate with me. All of the kids look so cute and are having so much fun I am glad she has this opportunity. The show program was released last week and guess what!?!?! S has a SOLO!!! AHHHH!!!! I had to talk S before we committed to make sure she was really wanting to do it and understood what the definition of having a solo really meant. I didn't want her to be afraid of being on the ice alone and under a spotlight. So she will start private lessons to learn the choreography for the show she will be skating to "Let It Snow". Her costume is on its way here and I can't wait for her to put it on she is going to LOVE it!! Imagine a Santa girl outfit in blue cordory with white fur like trim and embroidered snowflakes on the skirt with white leggings a santa hat to boot...for a bargain of a price.

For the next month or so I am volunteering to help these ladies take donations for decorating the rink and getting props together. Once it all comes together this show is going to be so fun to see in action.

I intended to snap a few recent pics of her on the ice last night at practice BUT I forgot to bring my memory next time!!