Friday, November 03, 2006

Good day!

Oh its been a wonderful day for us. We met with the inspector today. The inspection went really well the repairs are minor and most we already noted in our contract to get repaired. The inspector was awesome! Our realtor recommended him and I am really happy that we used them. It was thru Home Check and I had the report complete with pictures within 5 hours of the inspection being completed.

Our mortgage lady who is thru our credit union in our hometown has been lally gagging around and not returning my phone calls. I hate getting the run around so I moved on to USAA. I am not sure why I didn't just go thru them to begin with because they are wonderful. We began the process all over again with them. The best thing of all we got an even LOWER interest rate. PLUS, we will get money back from USAA for using the Movers Advantage program along with getting the loan thru them.

I hope we have great weekend!


Jennifer said...

cute family pic...glad the inspection went well :)

keri said...

Congratulations on the house, how exciting!

Karina said...

Thats a great pic of you guys, looks like everything is workin out!