Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Little Mermaid

DD wants to be lil mermaid for Halloween. I used this Simplicity pattern 9919. I completed the top but the bottom isnt done yet. Here is a peak at that it looks like now. I still need to add the ruffles on the bottom and around the waist. It is large on her but she will be able to have it as dress up clothes for a while. I am gonna work on getting it to fit better for Halloween. I was in a rush to get it done.

I found out that chiffon is not the easiest thing to sew with.

A friend asked me to sew up a scrub top for her so I also finished that and its in the mail so I am hoping she will take a pic for me. I hope it fits her.


Jennifer said...

awww, this is gonna be really cute!

keri said...

How cute, I love how it's turning out.

christi said...

very cute!