Wednesday, September 27, 2006


What a day!!

My SIL had her ultrasound today but the lil stinker was being modest and didn't want to show off for them. I woke up anxious to her the news. I really hope its a lil boy but of course we will take whatever God wants us to have.

I got everything related to moving and USAA taken care of today. I love USAA they have awesome customer service and rarely screw things up. Hopefully I will get a good realtor to deal with & our auto insurance will be cheaper than it is here in AZ, woot!

J is away and lil miss S asked for him mulitple times today. That was my first experience with trying to explain her. I kept it to 3 yr old language and I think she kinda understands. Tonight at bedtime S shocked me....Saying " I have a monster in my room". This is after she is all tucked I go back in and reassure her of monsters not being real. I thought I had a couple of years before we started the monster talk. So....she ended up in my bed! Grr, so I am getting H to sleep and here is S in bed too. I am nursing H and S says, momma I need my teddy bear he isn't asleep and I need to do like u do to H. So I said sure go get him and get back in bed its past your bedtime. What does she do? Yep u guessed it pretends to nurse her teddy bear to sleep! She is still laying in the bed with her shirt up with teddy. At least she wasn't worried about monsters anymore. She usually sleeps with her baby doll but tonight its her teddy daddy sent when he was in Iraq.

To end it with a BARGAIN....

On a message board a lady posted about a typo error about some baby jeans on Old Navy. They were listed for .01 each. So "thinking" that this would never get thru the system I ordered. Well, I scored UPS delivered them today. The girls have jeans for a LONG time. I am still shocked that they are sitting in my living room. They are so cute!


**Crystal** said...

Ask USAA for a realtor from their referral program. We didn't wind up buying in Washington, but they did refer us to someone great AND the customer service reps at USAA were on top of it - calling to answer questions, ask me about my experience with the realtor, etc.