Saturday, September 09, 2006

New clothes

Check it out she has a new outfit. She had on an OLD pillowcase. I wanted to sew up a cover ever since I saw Jenn's on My Quilting Obsession . Yes, its the same print call me a copycat!

So I measured my machine and got it all cut out an sewn up. I added elastic on the bottom so it would be fitted. I haven't touched my machine in a while it felt good to escape to my lil sewing world.

We are having a lazy day today. The kids are napping and Georgia plays today, I hope they win.


Jennifer said...

it looks really good. looks like the measurements fit nicely too. and we get to see a little of ur sewing area :)

doreen said...

cute cover. I liked this print on j's serger and it's cute on your kenny too!
I loved sewing my machine covers. It felt good to care for them enough to make them "hats" as I call them.
I like the elastic at the bottom idea. One I haven't tried yet.

Karina said...

ohhh soo cute!!!