Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Things I'd like to make..

I orginally saw this crocheted Sitting Pretty dress in the Mary Maxim catalog. I have wanted to make it since I layed eyes on it. Well, I found that free pattern online. Isn't it cute? Mary Maxim's catalog shows the dress in pink and white. Those are the colors I'd use.

Also, found a knitted outfit that I think H would look cute in for this winter. It's shows that it's for a beginner. Here is a peek at it, Happy Baby.

I haven't sewn anything for myself but I found this pattern Butterick B4789, a twist top that I'd like to try.

I joined in this ring, they are working on quilts. I surfed back to see what other projects they have made handbags and tops. It's pretty neat to see what everyone makes.

This morning I got a email that Joann's will be having a sell on patterns, I wonder if its valid online too.


keri said...

hey I'm in that too, do you know what you're going to make yet?

Just Another Army Wife said...

No, not yet! I wish we had a Joann's here. Is it November yet?