Friday, June 16, 2006

time flies

Yes, I ate salad when I was little. I had to ask my momma. She then reminded me how I would pick carrots and peas out of my grandmothers garden and eat them. I remember the carrots and peas, I would help my grandmother snap off the ends after we picked the peas. Fresh veggies yum! Running around in her back yard with the water sprinkler. Jumping on the riding lawn mover with my grandpa. My summer trip to NY so much fun. My aunt took me to NYC to explore I remember going into a the big toy stores and taking pictures with the huge stuff animals and characters. We rode the ferry...went to Donald Trumps place, I remember my aunt taking a picture inside the building I still have it....if I could only go back in time.

Carvel, OMG they have one at our next duty assignment..I am so freaking excited!! The girls and I will be visiting often!! Just 4 more mths!!

It's finally Friday, this week has gone by so SLOW.