Thursday, June 15, 2006


Ever heard this?
S: Mom, I need a new drink..(she drank all of her milk)
Me: Ok, what do u want? More milk?
Me: What do u want, Milk or Juice?
S: I want water.
Me: ok sure, water it is
~a minute later, maybe two~
S: Momma, water makes my tummy hurt
I should have known she really didn't want water.

This goes with the salad episode, dinner a couple night ago we had pasta n salad. S loves noodles so I made her a nice bowl cuz I assumed she would eat it. So I go and make my salad come to the table and she always looks at my plate to see what I have that she doesn't have. Well, I didn't make her a salad figured she would just want her noodles. NOT, she wanted a salad..she ended up eatting two bowls of salad and couple of bites of her pasta.

So I asked myself, "I wonder if I ate salad when I was S's age?"

I can't believe my baby is gonna be 3 in a month!!