Sunday, June 04, 2006


Look at that sky! I wish it would have brought some rain. I am ready for this monsoon season to start up. I miss thunderstorms & heavy rain!!
Hubby started the FAA portion of his schooling. I'll be glad when he is done and doing his job on a regular basis. He has been studying alot this weekend so I hope it pays off. He is in his second mth/third class of schooling doesn't seem like it. He has mths to go but I think its going to fly by rather quickly.

My parents anniversary was on the 2nd. They have been married for 32 yrs, many moons ago. Happy Be-lated Anniversary Mom & Dad! Yesterday, dh's cousin got married! Congrats Ann. Today is my cousin's birthday, Happy Birthday Luke! Two yrs ago S, my mom & I were all in NY for it. Seems so long ago.
Miss Ya'll.


blueskiesfade said...

Hey there, just got back after the weekend. If you need any help erm, tell me what the problem is and I'll see if I can fix it :-) With the CSS file it needs to be uploaded somewhere like where you have your images held and then linked in the same way you would do your images..