Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rock on

My momma got her garden-in-a bag today. DHL is super fast. I called her as she was walking in the door from work so she opened it while I was on the phone with her. She LOVED it, totally unique and different. All u do is open the bag and throw in water put it on a window sill and watch it grow. I think she will actually put them in pots tho knowing my momma. I am glad she loved her momma's day present.

My hunting was haulted since the bandwidth went thru the roof and then the server crashed so they got it back up and running yesterday. So I am at 80 outta 170 icons, still have lots to go but I have plenty of time. I have seen some adorable websites by doing this, makes me wanna buy stuff from WAHM's than from companies now.

We had taco's for dinner well actually...dh had a burrito, taco style tho and I fried up a burrito shell. First time I had done that but it tasted just like my taco salads I usually get at a Mexican resturant. S ate all of hers tonight she must have been hungry.

H enjoyed her bath tonight kicking up a storm like S did when she was little. I need to get started on her baby book before I start forgetting her lil milestones.

All the housework is done, I am ready for the weekend to get here. I heard from C today, all is well with her dh and she sent pics of the kiddos they are getting TALL!!!



manda said...

whats dhl??? are you not sharing your best shopping tips??????? LMAO!

Just Another Army Wife said...

u know DHL, like UPS FEDex.