Friday, May 26, 2006

It's a 4 day weekend!! We plan on spending some time at the pool & dh is going to watch some fight with the boys. The city turns 50 and they have activities going on including a carnival & fireworks one night.

We got our settlement on our household goods. I am so shocked on how fast we got our fat check, it only took 3 days!! We didn't go thru the military it was a direct settlement...definately the route we will go with our claims from now on.

Dh's lil sister was in a car accident last nite we got the call early this morning. They had bad weather last night and the car hydro-planed spun around and the wheel locked up and hit a house...scary! The other passengers are ok she was rushed to the ER. Today was supposed to be her last day of school. We are thinking about u Steph!!

On another note, why are people so freaking NOSEY!! If I want someone to know my business then obviously I would tell ya.