Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lets rewind

DH had a great birthday, we found a bargain deal at Compusa 2 gig sd card for $99 bucks WOOT!! We went out for was late so we just picked up and came home and ate and watched the football game...we had pizza from Jimmy's we all liked it. I wanna go back and try the pasta dishes and they have a special on saturday evenings $10.99 for prime rib.

Dh got her Christmas package from my SIL & bro she was in HEAVEN when she ripped it open..a Graco stroller and car seat for her baby dolls. The stroller is super nice too. She got shoes a fishing game. DH got his laptop back & a ton of ps2 games he was happy when he got home. No more golf, shootem up bang bang.

They finally got dh's school all taken care of and we re-enlisted today. Now this is all real, if they will only cut his orders ASAP then hopefully we can get outta here together.

So today at the re-enlistment ceremony they had a banquet were Col Ball was doing the re-enlistment. There were a bunch of people there that we knew and didn't know. I was thinking it was gonna be super plain jane but it was really nice. So we go and stand in front of everyone and the enlistment guys come over tell us whats all gonna go down and we proceed. The Col comes over we do all the handshakes etc then he starts his speech...he introduces dh, me, dd & baby on the way, briefly tells everyone about out hometown. He has family in the area too small world and also another lady there has family a county next to ours. Then talks about dh. He then speaks about his new MOS and our duty location. They swear dh in and then they let him talk. Then everyone there came around one by one to give there congrats and handshakes, I don't think I have shook that many hands in my life at one time. It was super nice and I was really impressed. I wish I would of had one of my girlfriends there to videotape it for us.

Now if everything else would just go smoothly I would be super happy. I have an apartment application coming for a townhouse thats brand spanking new...1100 sq ft for under our BAH and its 3bd 2 bth...I would really like for that one to work our for us...they are still working on them I hope they are done in time. Everything else I have found has small sq ft...we are in 950 now so we wouldn't like anything much smaller. Altho its only for 6 mths I could deal with it for that long. We shall see what happens.

I started taking down the decorations yesterday we got them all down and today we put them up. Now I need to vaccum. I am gonna start going thru the house and getting rid of stuff and organizing what needs to be orgainized so the movers will be able to get in and out with our stuff once we get the ball rolling there...and to figure out what we aren't taking with us.

We got new neighbors behind us and by golly there dogs are freaking annoying!!! Bark bark bark!!

I am gonna sleep like a baby tonight its been a long day.