Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

It's 2006, it should be an exciting year.

It's been pretty quiet over here...We still need to take down the Christmas lights and tree. I guess dh will go back to work on Tuesday. He has switched from golf to football..spoke to soon golf is going back in...I shouldn't complain he doesn't play religiously. Watching Tiger Woods knock it into the water and dh asking me which kind of sunglass, clothing his player should wear or watch this replay. Entertaining I tell ya. Shelby had me playing Shrek last night..she likes to make the characters walk around. It's been forever since I have played on the PS2.

My dad found her a Shrek bowling ball that is the first place my dad will take her when we get back I can picture it now...him measuring her little fingers and drilling it out then setting up the bumpers then her going to town, altho I think 8 lbs will be a little heavy for her she will prolly be just rolling it without finger holes for a while. I can't wait to start bowling in league again I really miss it if I can just convince dh it not a bad sport...maybe he is just afraid of me kicking his butt all the time.

Tomorrow is dh's birthday. I am gonna make him his cake altho he said we should eat all the other sweets we already have..but I don't consider a pound cake sweets so I'll make his favorite cake and hope it all gets eatten if not sent it to work..the best way to get rid of food.

I think if dh can't get into this school then he will just get outta the military. He doesn't wanna do something that he isn't interested in or won't like. I don't blame him. So if they wanna keep him in then they know what they gotta do.

I hope everyone had a great new year.