Monday, October 03, 2005

What a Day

This week is Tropic Lightening it pretty much a fun week.

We won all events except volleyball and not sure about softball. DH played football today it was an awesome game. We had lunch out and knew a couple people that were in the boxing fights today...Let me just say it wasn't cheesy like I expected it to be. The last match was the best. The cheering crowd got louder and louder. We were there for quiet a few hours but those medics were up and down, gloves on gloves off. Today they guys went at it and we heard that girls are boxing later in the week, what a site that will be so we are gonna go check it out.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day to be outside and I enjoy this week every year. Just a couple more days and vacation starts. Dh is off work the ENTIRE TIME!! HURRAY!!

I hope the weather is nice the rest of the week...can't wait for tomorrow!