Friday, September 30, 2005

It's a Girl!!

We are gonna be having another girl according to the ultrasound. I was hoping for a boy but I am gonna take whatever God wants me to have. DD is gonna be a wonderful sister. I can picture years down the road sharing clothes, hogging the phone line, them doing each others hair. Boy we are in for a nice roller coaster ride when they get older. DD has PLENTY of clothes to hand down to her sister which is nice. Tea party and baby dolls won't end. I am ready for the newest addition to get here now. I think they will be really close since they are girls for one and being a nice age between the two.

So my due date has changed to March 3rd as expected. The US was about an 1 1/2 hrs a little longer 2 techs were looking then the dr came to check the US out. Since the due date was so many days off he had to look and also looked at a spot that is showing up on the baby. He isn't sure exactly what it is but it could be gas, bowel or cyst, and hopefully nothing else. So I go back for them to check it out again to see if its still showing. They told us not to worry about it so I am not and hopefully everything will be A-ok in 6 weeks. We will get more pics...I am happy about that considering that Shelby's US pics were sooo much better than these we got today. I want to get 3D ones done but I am gonna hold off just incase if they see that I need one I'd rather have it be paid by insurance. If not, then we will have one done when I am a little further along.

So now we get to get some names together. This should be fun!!


prommie said...

yeah!! Another girl :)! Leaves you to try for another lol! Can't wait til monday to see what the one in my belly is gonna be. Now it would be pretty weird if you and I end up in the hospital together being that are due dates are the same. Anywho congratulations! Good luck with the names... we pretty much have ours picked out either way.

Just Another Army Wife said...

Thanks, I can't wait to hear your news.