Friday, October 07, 2005


Well, I stayed home today since it was a little yucky outside. No need for us to be sitting out in nasty weather watching the guys play football.

So I had a lazy day since we have been go, go, go all week.

I ordered some goodies from amazon and it wasn't expected to be here until next week according to there site but Fedex site had it on 2 day I got it today. Well, since everyone seemed to be raving about Jenny McCarthy's book Belly Laughs I decided to pick it up since the bookstore here wanted more for it. Well, I read the entire book in 3 hrs it was really good and a great book for us preggos. I was laughing out loud thru out the book. Only if I would have had this book before I had dd. I asked dh if he would read it just so he would get the female perspective of pregnancy.

Now, I want to read Baby Laughs.