Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hump Day

They won todays game so they are in the finals...

I had my drs appt....I am at 8lbs weight gain since the beginning of pregnancy. I talked to her about the finding on the US just to know what would happen if this spot is till show at the next US. I'd rather go in there knowing what I am talking about and understanding instead of them telling me whats going & not having a clue.

Hopefully its just gas or cyst...those would go away on there far at it being bowel which I researched after the midwife gave me more info its very unlikely but if so I would have a more US's thru the rest of the pregnancy, C-section birth, & the baby would go thru surgery after birth...BUT its very UNLIKELY. I did learn something new today tho.

See ya!


Promise said...

I hope that its nothing and it goes away. Pregnancy is complicated enough without adding extra worry :)