Sunday, September 11, 2005


Today was football wasn't to bad considering it was the only thing on. I watched almost all of the Ohio State game...when I heard they were playing I could picture Dr. Schlariet being on cloud nine and picturing him talking about the plays. I remember when UPS delivered an Ohio State pool table light to the office...gosh I wanna go back to work I miss the Doctors, there wives and knowing how everyones families are doing. They sure do take care of the employees VAA Rocks!!

I pulled out my pregnancy journal from dd to compare to baby number 2. I actually just filled in the dates in the new journal...I was waiting on a confirmed due date, oh well I did it in pencil so I can erase if needed. As of this time with dd I didn't feel movements yet but I am close within a week. I pulled out the ultrasound pics and my belly pics so I can have them handy to compare. I thought we had baby names for a baby on our girl baby name list but we don't...altho I still have the book we highlighted the names outta...I just need go look a the boy names.

I am really hoping for a boy so we will have one of each and we will be done with babies. Who ever gets my pregnancy stuff is gonna feel like they won the lottery....especially with all the girl clothes.

DH dissected a couple hard drives today...I guess he was bored. Munckin did her thing as usual she napped for a long time today. I videotaped Shel & DH playing memory...she likes playing games. One of her toys actually says, "it's time to change the batteries, u need 4AA batteries". Next thing u know its gonna say...go tell your parents to go buy more toys.

DH had tacos and munchkin and I had taco salad for dinner.

Today is my momma's birthday...yep on September 11th. Happy Birthday MOM, I love u!!!