Friday, September 09, 2005

aside from my previous post

can u believe that ...I think it was Tuesday...munchkin and I sleep until 1030am...thats crazy. Dh wanted to get her up when he left for work but I was like dude I am still sleepy. Prolly isn't good that I have been sleeping in lately. Getting up early would give me much more energy and it would require a nap during the day. Lately, I haven't been tired at bed time...I go to bed and just toss and nausea meds make me feel like I am drunk, don' t give a crap about anything so I try and deal with the nausea during the day if I have it since it would allow dd to run free, goodness what a sight that could be.

Went to lunch at McD's, I tried the Ranch BLT...YUCK...i think it was the bread but the fries were nice and HOT!! DD love the little toys, right now is Disney so thats exciting for are so easy to please sometimes. We got grocery shopping done today...and DD ate her FIRST REAL PB&J!!! I haven't had one in YRS...since I was little. I decided I would have one too and it was good. We had her saying PB& cute...I love her little voice she is such a lil parrot repeating everything. I can't wait for my family to see her she is lil miss personality....they really aren't gonna wanna leave.

so my drs appts are....ultrasound next, regular appt every 4 weeks...until i am almost due. I was expecting to have my simple ultrasound next but I guess they either aren't doing that anymore or it isn't necessary...I donno. As long as I get one. So this is more than likely the last ultrasound I will get which SUCKS. I still haven't decided if we will lay down money and get a 3D one done....if so we will do it when family is here. Munchkin is ALLOWED to be there for the ultrasound it allows her to be apart of the moment. I think we will let her tell the family the sex of the baby. I think she is gonna be a wonderful sister and a BIG help to me...she is gonna think she is the momma.

Dh has been playing football, watching football and playsheets in the car..I came home to football. He fell asleep to football. I did the honors to send him to bed so I could get caught up on my tv shows. Big Brother 6...I love it, this is the first time I have actually watched from the beginning. Alotta people can't stand Janelle...but I think she deserves to win. She knows the game. They have wanted to vote her out in the very beginning and she has lasted all this time. I was sad to see Howie go he was funny and everyone enjoyed the laughter. I do NOT like APRIL & MAGGIE. I wonder what Janelle is gonna do I can't wait for next week.

Chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispy treats sound good right now....milk too.

I am gonna shut up now...x your fingers for me for some good news...cant jinx myself.


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