Monday, September 19, 2005

shu be do be do

What a boring Sunday. We haven't done much...I have been in the lazy mode. I wish I would have gotten my hair cut this weekend.

We are waiting to see what the weather is gonna be like over the next couple of weeks...hurricanes are out in the water but by the time they get here if they do, it will prolly just be rain and wind. The only thing that would concern me is the electric..only cuz of our housing area.

DH is an obsession with modifiying things...well today he make a battery operated swing in to a outlet operated. I didn't think he would do it but he did. Usually if u tell him he can't do something he goes outta his way to prove it can be done. Wait til he shows this off to his dad, MEN.

My books got here!

My aunt called to notify me that she was eatting a almond joy & pistachio italian ice....too bad she can send me one...those things are the BEST..but u gotta go to Long Island NY to get one. The boys had cotton candy italian ices, dd would love that too. She got me hooked on these things when were were in NY while DH was in Iraq. I need to go back!!! Carvel Ice Cream DELISH!!!

~~cries uncontrollably I want off this Island~~ hehe oh well soon hopefully!!


Anonymous said...

you poor thing. I have an idea how you are feeling. When I first moved to the mainland, husband was navy, I had a rough time adjusting. Came back home here after 20 years being away and now I'm finding myself wanting to go back to the mainland. Go fiqure. Hang in there girl.

Anonymous said...

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