Saturday, September 17, 2005


Go up chilled and yapped with family on the phone.

Meet up with a friend to finish our cermanics we had started back in May....this was like out 4th time going back. This is the mold I was given to make. We realized now much we are missing out. They have Halloween stuff out....and people are starting on the christmas & thankgiving we need to get on the ball too. I finished my angel and she started a new project. I can't wait to go back..its so fun and relaxing. Very Very cheap also...50 cents a mold and then u buy the silk which is what u use to make the mold...its 4 bucks a gallon and u don't use that much...also depending on the size of the mold..they larger molds are already poured. Paints and brushes..don't cost much if u buy the colors as u need them.
I need to go and make like 5 at a time..I can paint them at home. Pouring the mold just time consuming.