Monday, September 05, 2005

Fish & Fall TV

One of the Algae eaters is gross. I wonder if the rest will die...I hope not, if so oh well we will just get more. I wonder why he died maybe cuz the tank has been staying to clean??

I am ready for the Fall TV season to start!!! I need to make a list of what I wanna watch...yes I watch to much reality tv. Ill prolly end up only watching half of them. I need to check out some of the new shows coming out, Reunion, How I Met Your Mother

September 15th
Survivor- Thursday 8pm----I see myself cheering for Jim

September 21 & 22...what Martha???
Apprentice- Thursday 9pm ---WOW Howie is HOT...woop a clothing line rock on, they sure do have some very successful people this time around.

September 25th
Desperate Housewives- Sunday 9pm

September 27th
The Amazing Race-Tuesday 9pm

Oprah- off and on


Dusko Bojic said...

If there is no sufficient algae in your tank you should put once a week some algae tablets , even if there is enough algae this should be done. And you should have a lot of plants in tank that has algae eaters + changing water every week up to 30% dechlorinated. Check on happy fish-keeping.