Tuesday, August 02, 2005

yada yada yada

DD wasn't a true angel today but she could have been worse. I made my cajun boiled peanuts got sick of them sittin on my counter. They are SLOW cooking in my crock pot. I made Chicken Fried Steak with Country Gravy and Green Beans for dinner. We skipped the mashed potatoes cuz dh wanted two pcs of steak. It was yummy, way better than eating it at a resturant. Talked way to much on the phone today...why does everyone call on one day...spread out the time hahah JK. My SIL was all drugged when I talked to her I hope she is feeling better tomorrow when I call. I wanna know whats going on...with the results of surgery.

Don't u just LOVE how u tell someone something and it gets all twisted around?? Some people NEVER change. I didn't say things were happening tomorrow I said in the FUTURE...could be 6 mths from now to 2 yrs from now.....to many fruitcakes in this WORLD.

Thank goodness my friend bought it to my attention that my drs appt was on a different date. Pregnancy causes memory loss.

I wish the ARMY would get there crap straight....

on a better note....I bought an ice cream maker today....woot woot. It cordless so it can go straight to the freezer. We don't have to buy that rock salt either....$10 from amazon. I can't wait to get it. I wanna try Paula's Ice cream recipes in it.

I wanna buy another pair of PJ's from www.pajamagram.com they best PJ's EVER!!! Thanks BABY he sure did a good job with the first pair. Now I need to put a bug in his ear. I like when he picks out clothes for me.

DH wants a gaming computer....I am tempted to just order one and have it shipped here just to surprise him. My only fear is him getting hooked and dedicating his time to the games. He wants to sell one of the laptops and the other computer stuff....well see I guess.