Wednesday, August 03, 2005

what a day

The army can be SOOOO stupid.....

I get up and dh gives me news our "plan" isn't a plan anymore haha....could be a GOOD thing will get us the heck outta Hawaii and closer to our families....if we follow what my heart says then....we will leave here in FEB...acutally sooner than that because that too close to my due date..I need to get medical covered transferred to a different region and get established with and OB...blah blah blah..and I'll wanna get my furniture, car etc AHEAD of time. My whole family can see the baby after birth. DH needs to go talk and get stuff straight cuz we can't wait until the last minute.

Getting off the rock sounds wonderful....2 cars damn how will I act...finally my CAR will be mine again..first thing I will get done a NEW paint job. DH will practically have a NEW vehicle since he has only driven it about 6 mths since he bought it. No car payments NO u know how nice this feels. Seasons, I miss fall and spring. Bigger living space and YARD to run around in. TONS of FAMILY gatherings...I love my family. Being able to TRAVEL, zoo's..parks...mountains...snow. Oh I could go on and on.....

Watch..after write ALL this they will tell him he will stay here hahaha......

Thursday is my appt....they better set up the following appt REALLY quick otherwise I am gonna have to get pissy with them. I feel like I am 5 mths preggo. I want to hear a heartbeat and know that everything is good to go.

On another SIL is home, they let her go early great news...waiting on the path report for the results....xing my fingers that everything is A-ok.

g-night I am staying up too late these days.