Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I am behind

lets see...gotta do some catching up....rewinding back to Friday...let see what I can remember.

I got my lab work done went to lunch with hubby and shel....did a little shopping...picked up an ice cream cake YUM. DH had a long weekend since he didn't work much Thursday or Friday.

Saturday, I met up with a friend and later in the day took dd to Kid's Day & the park.

Sunday, we went to Sea Life Park...its SMALL I didn't expect it to be small...BUT we had free passes which was nice.

Monday, I cleaned a little and worked on the posters for dd's room...I picked up a friend along the way so she could come help me.

Tuesday, Drs appt...went well and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat. I saw a midwife and she is a southern girl...we could have talked for hours. I was there for a hr and we didn't stop yapping until she had another patient. I hope to see her again soon....she said I should go to tripler and see the midwives, just in case I deliver here. Better care...we talked about her kids and how she had then at home with a midwife (who was her best friend) to make a long story short she was very down to MOST southern girls are.

Wednesday...was orginally pool day but we aren't gonna go today.

I have been tired and staying away from the computer. Since I am staying busy, if I don't get a nap in then I am way tired by 8pm. which helps me sleep better I don't toss and turn as much. I talked to the midwife about my sciatic nerve and thats what the pain will more than likely get worse as the pregnancy goes she ordered me a belt for when I am further along to relieve the pressure off the nerve, that saved me $50 hopefully it will work. I am not taking the prenatals since its make me feel its flintstone vitamins for now.

My SIL got good results back from the path cancer & she got another JOB..GO girl!!!! She is leaving that horrible physical therpy practice to go to the hospital. She is gonna LOVE it...I can't wait to hear about her first day. My bro and her can carpool back and forth save on gas and they can do lunch together and she will be able to meet more people. I am soo happy for her. I can't WAIT until I get to go back to work.

Thats enough for now...I feel tired I guess cuz I have a tummy full of pancakes.