Sunday, August 28, 2005


that is how i feel right now ....between watermelon & dinner. OMG I could puke..not that u really wanna know.

I didn't do much Friday except trying to keep the house picked up. Why is it that before I was preggo it seemed like dd didn't have her toys everywhere but now they are everywhere and it gets on my nerves. So I am trying to NOT pick up every toy but my goodness...she has too many toys...the foot locker thats in the closet hasn't been opened since I put it in there I should just put it by the road and not look back...but if I were to look inside it I would want to keep the goodies that are in there....I hope dh doesn't read this...the toys would be by the road. I did take a LONG nap with dd, woke up and felt like crap so I had to take my dose of worked but the 30 mins beforehand was horrible. Close your eyes and imagine u are on a roller coaster with food on your stomach...thats how i felt.

So today we went to a birthday party and I of course waited until the last minute for a gift but I did pick up one on the way. One of my friends followed us down to Bellows where the party was held. We were at the party about 4 hrs....headed home and I was soo freaking thirsty. We stopped at Sam's got some goodies including a Seedless Watermelon and Bananas, 3 lbs for 1.57. Got home and cracked into the watermelon...I am regreting it now.

Get this:

2 gallons of milk
2 OJ's the frozen kind that u add water too.
1 Dozen of Eggs
1 12 oz can of evaporated milk

bought off post...$24 and change

I think I am gonna change over to a midwife but I am gonna hold off until my next ultrasound. I am not even sure I am gonna be here when I deliver...if I knew this for sure I would just stick with who I have now. I can't fly a mth before and the baby can't fly until 2 weeks old.

6 weeks until family gets here...I can't WAIT!!!

What to do tomorrow??? Maybe I can talk DH into going to the pool or beach.