Thursday, July 28, 2005

brownie points

DH gets brownie points this week.

Monday he came home with CHOCOLATE!!! 2 bags of it...bite-sized yummy.

Tuesday & Wednesday....Banana Splits.....I shared with munchkin...why won't she eat banana in ice cream weird!?

I decided to cook the boiled peanuts more....and guess what they were even better. My girlfriend digged in with she commented that she only comes here to eat!! Too funny...she just likes my southerness. Also dh, had his shirt off when she got here and she walked thru the door, he do u like this hot body, in the joey voice from friends. Go put a shirt on....girls don't need to be seeing your chest. HAHA, I love u baby!!

My SIL goes for surgery on Monday for her thyroid issues.....

Got weighted today. I usually stay at 115 but I think its cuz of the nausea...I don't feel like I weight 112. I feel like I am at 125.