Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monday & Tuesday

I am behind again..that just means I have been busy.

Monday: I babysat for a friend all day..dd had playmates all day they had fun and play so well together. I now have a cat, just temporary..my friend is heading to Ft. Drum and I offered to keep one of her cats to save them money on kennel charges..they flew 2 animals already. DD has some entertainment.

Tuesday: Crafting day...an update from last week...I am super close to finishing my first blanket. The girls came over again and I started on the second blanket..this one is a baby blanket. I am not sure what I am gonna do with it yet but its for a baby hahah, I will prolly keep it for our next kiddo...I am soo happy that I can now make baby blankets for my friends. One of the girls that was here today made DD a hat it is super cute, I love it..and DD wears it too!! Ill post pics later. We had great food, blonde brownies and nacho dip it was yummy and I got the leftover dip hehe tomorrows snack..I need someone to help me eat it. Oh Danielle come back OVER!!

Tomorrow: I have an appt and I it will be a day of catching up.