Monday, May 23, 2005

Great Weekend

This was a great weekend!!

Friday..we played outside with dd's house and she got my a friend who is moving. She loves it..we asked her if she liked it and she nodded and said, like it her cute little voice. I sat down there and crocheted my blanket..I have gotten pretty far considering its my first time. I have messed up in 2 posts but I am not going back and its not real noticeable unless u get close and inspect it. I am just doing one skeen of this color and I will give it to dd as a blanket for her babies. Her and some neighborhood kids were playing and writing with chalk..they had a great time. We went to gymnastics..she has so much fun when she goes. This week she sat still for the stretching portion of it..walking the balance beam and did the parachute very well by running under it over and over, very amusing I tell ya.

Saturday: we went to an event called Sunset in the Park it was for soldier and there families, a thank you event from the community. We were expecting it to be crazy but it wasn't..the rides were free for military. We had lunch there and rode rides with DD. We went shopping at Wally World..bought a bunch of goodies..including some more YARN and some eyelash to make two lei's. I was dying for a ice cream cake since it was my birthday but there is NO room in the freezer to put the left overs and I want leftover hahaha. So once the freezer not so full we are going. I would really like a Carvel ice cream cake but being so far away sucks. I had a great birthday!!

Also..dd was in the paper here is the article Sunset in the Park
I wonder what her dreams are of what she wants to be when she grows up...maybe news, tv, media something or another seem like its drawn to her. The memories she will cherish.

Sunday: We went out to eat at the Koa Pancake house...we have been going on the weekends its cheap and really good food. It was late when we went cuz I wanted lunch and dh wanted we both got to get what we wanted. I had a BLT...its like a double decker BLT with three layers of bread..its soo GOOD!! Dh had pancakes, they are always delicious and dd loves them. She had some of her dad pancakes, bacon, eggs and ate my pickle hahah gross!!! My friend dropped off the air conditioners today they moved out of housing today. {crys} After lunch we picked up some more stickers & treats for the potty training chart we were running low. Dh got stuff to install in ac's. They are both installed and it feels good. I completely one lei..I need to do one more, try and complete my first blanket and start the baby blanket..the yarn I picked up is so cute.

This week is gonna be a busy one.... stay tuned!!

I am posting in my Yahoo 360 acct also..hopefully I can just use that one once they are done with the beta version, until them I will post in both places.


Dianna said...

How did you learn to crochet? From someone, or by a book? I have wanted to learn for so long! Let me know when you plan to move off my server so I can get you your history of posts too!
Oh, and TAG you're it! *Go to my blog to see!*