Friday, May 06, 2005

It's been a while...

I had a bad week starting off thankfully it has gotten better.

Dh had a ceremony for the deployment it was so boring. One of my friends came over so I could copy a tape and she was gonna go to but the parking was so bad. I babysat that evening at the last minute for a friend.

I got my SIL's lei mailed out and I hope she gets it in time for her graduation ceremony Saturday. She is getting MARRIED, next yr!! Gosh, I wanna be at home.

My parents are moving, I am not sure how I feel about will be different until I see it for myself. I am happy that they will get a new house...I wish I could go give my opinion on the options. House shopping how fun!!!

DD got into her pool today. It was soo nice and warm...u might me a redneck if u fill up a pool using your hot water heater on the second floor...but it works and its nice warm water!!

DD's b-day will be here in a couple mths..I am thumbing thru ideas for her...we wanna do something simple and as less stress as possible.

Tomorrow, my friend is coming over and we have dd's first day of gymnastics. We are finally going out this weekend for a little time to ourselves. DD will have fun playing with her friends I hope she does good.