Wednesday, May 18, 2005

great day

I have a great day today....I cut my finger earlier scared the crap outta me...I thought it needed stitches but I got it to stop bleeding ...then dd's elmo bandaid saved the day!!

I picked up the house a little and got ready for my little get together with some friends. I put together some food...

a veggie tray (tomatoes, broccoli & carrots) & pineapple for a fruit, Rottelle Spicy Cheese Dip, it was spicier than I wanted it to be, Chicken ring with peppers and Brownie/Chocolate pudding & Whipped Cream layered it was really yummy!!

We chatted...learned to crochet, laughed..and showed a girl how to make the lei I made...she made it while she was here...and it was really was so much fun..everyone enjoyed themselves. What a perfect day!! DH took DD to work so I didn' t have to worry about her, very nice!!

It's now 6 o' I had company for 5 hrs...thats how much fun we had!! So now I need to go clean up my kitchen a little tv .......and the day is flew by!!

I am pretty sure we are gonna do this every I love Hawaii!!