Tuesday, May 17, 2005

boring ol monday

I got alot done tho...

DD was in an ok mood today. She has been a little moody since Friday..I donno why. She was much better today than she was Friday tho. I did major cleaning in the kitchen...pull the burners off and cleaned the drip pans...dh was like wow it looks really good hunny. I mopped, I really don't like mopping these floors cuz they never look clean. DD attempted to mop the carpet...so I had to explain to her how its really done...so she took it to the laundry room. I guess I will be sure to add that to her chore list when she gets a little older. So far she does good helping with laundry, unloading the dishwasher and now mopping...she sure is starting early which doesn't bother me.

I got the energy to get to the commissary..dh had to kick me outta the house tho. I went and picked up some little stuff and also some goodies to make for some friends coming over tomorrow afternoon. I told dh when he came home and he said what yall gonna do have a tea party..he is funny..one more thing that I love about him. He can make me laugh anytime...even when I am pist at him. In return he asked me about a MOS (your job in the military) change...hmm sure if thats what u wanna do. He would have to go back for schooling, 6 mths not bad we have done the seperation stuff pretty well...deployment (1 yr) and schooling for is job (9mths) now. I am not sure what we would do while he was gone..not real sure how that all works just yet. I think he is weighting out his options on what to do...only time will tell.