Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fun Saturday

first let me note that my rotisseree chicken last night was AWESOME..I could taste it as it cooked, it smelt so delicious.

Today I got up and went to some yard sales..nothing exciting that I needed or had to have. This afternoon we went to the pineapple was fun. DD rode the carousel & we rode the twister together. Twister was her first real ride it was awesome she loved it. The attendant also said for me to let her know if we needed to stop for dd's sake...I am glad they were really nice...dd stayed on for the whole ride and didn't want to get off. I asked DH to take pictures but guess what...NO BATTERIES..ugh i was upset. BUT...there is a going to be rides this weekend coming up (i hope twister is going to be there) that she will be able to ride so I will be sure to have that camera them. At least I have pics of the ride from the go in her first time memory book. She went into one of those bounce houses but I really HATE those things. I let her go in because she wanted too...I really hate when the older kids get in there and the parents are no where to be found to keep their own kid under control. Unlimited rides for $5.00 what a deal..there were kids everywhere.

We had free pineapple and popcorn. Walked around listened to the live bands. Headed to Wendy's to pick up a light lunch & free frosty's. I guess today was almost a free day!!

DD had fun and now she is snoozing from all the fun she had today!!