Monday, May 16, 2005

Busy day

We got up and DH wanted to go to the Koa Pancake house for breakfast...we got outta here kinda later than we wanted too. We ate and it was so yummy..we had lunch plans but I decided I would rather have a late breakfast than lunch. I love that place so I couldn't resist...and I knew I couldn't eat 2 meals. All three of us ate for $10..cheaper than fast food joints & u get a ton of food we couldn't even finish it up..that place is alway busy.

DH went to get his hair cut...we did a little shopping while we waited. Came home dh got ready and we got dd ready and turned around to go out for lunch....I only ate dessert. I wasn't impressed with the place and neither was dh...they were supposed to have sweet tea, like the south and it wasn't close. Dh's plate was $13 and that was for lunch..crazy!! Our fine dining italian resturant was better with the same price. DD's grilled cheese was ucky...she ate a little of it and some fries, I think she liked the applesauce the most. There is a place close by that has some AWESOME sweet tea...and some southern cooking..we went there while dh's parents were her on vacation before the deployment. We need to go back.

After all of that we hit Sams for some shopping...I didn't want to go to the commissary cuz it might have been crazy and I hate that place when its packed. We chilled when we got home I was tired from all the running around.

Dh grilled steaks for dinner and I made mashed potatoes & broccoli it was yummy!! DD got to bed late. I caught up on tv time and now everyone is in bed..DH has been playing computer games.

I can't believe the weekend is went by quick and May is almost over...this time last yr I didn't think the deployment would ever end.