Thursday, May 12, 2005

down and dirty

Yep, finally I am cleaning out dd's closet today. She has a TON and I mean a TON of clothes!! I am going thru them to pull out the ones she has grown out of and the ones she hasn't worn yet cuz they are a little to big. I am keeping the clothes she has outgrown for now..for the next kiddo, just in case its a girl. Alot of them still have the tags on them still, why oh why...

the toy box is next...a big black trunk of TOYS!!! where did she accumulate all these toys from.

I cleaned the bathroom..I hate cleaning the tub but it looks so good when its nice and shiny. Laundry..I am on load 3...2 more to go. We need to go to the commissary, maybe tonight...cuz I HATE going when there is a TON of people there, I don't like huge crowds!!

My parents are MOVING...yes they have an place to call home for the time being until they find a house that they want to buy. I think its the best decision....get there get to know the area then buy. I would love for them to build a house...they don't need anything big since its just the two of them. I hope everything works out for them and they both enjoy living in SC.

My Mothers Day gift is on back order...I am dyin over here. I will be on cloud 9 when they UPS guy comes to my door!!! Until then I will just look at the dining room is going to be nice once it gets here. I get to decorate..I saw some stuff yesterday that I am gonna go back and pick up to decorate with.

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I am back!!!

DD's room is clean, closet is clean and all but one load of laundry is done. Tomorrow is Friday already can u believe it?!?!

DD has gymnastics..I need to go to Wally World or to the PX. Woop, I get to steal the car!!

Oh, and I called to check on my shipment hoping it would get here sooner, NOT. Damn, damn damn. I am inpatient right now!!