Thursday, May 12, 2005

catching up here

I need to catch this up a little....


Today was supposed to be CLEANING DAY!!!! Guess what, it didn't happen...someone come take the computers away from me ASAP!!!
I finally stepped away from the computer!! I got my living room and dining room all cleaned up. Tomorrow I will continue where I left off.
I think dh is trying to intoxicate handing me glasses of wine...not working LMAO..but he doesn't need to know that hahahah


It's been hot here!! If the wind was blowing it would make it bearable. DD played outside for a while but it was too hot for her. I went to a friends house to look at some stuff she is getting rid of...I am going to make a play area in the back yard...we don't really have a yard because we are upstairs but there is plenty of room for a little play area. One of the neighbors closer to the playground has an extended area where they have a swing set and other toys..its fenced in. We might be stealing there idea!! DH would have to mow but it will give dd an area to play and we could put other stuff down there...I need to talk to housing before we do anything tho, just in case u never know what they could say after the fact.


I went to the swap meet and shopping. I love to shop, even if its to browse. I got a little toy organizer today to match dd's table-n-chair set & her step stool. I have been wanting a shape toy for her, the one like tupperware sells...well I found one similar to that. We picked up lunch while we were out and came back here to eat. I cleaned..I need to vaccumn. DH slept all afternoon he was tired I guess.