Friday, April 29, 2005


My calendar is loading up..May is going to be a busy month!!

I babysat for a friend while they went to a Brigade Ball. DD was at the park with DH when they got here, so we went down and played. I cooked everyone dinner they ate...played & played some more. They were all worn out from playing so I popped them some popcorn and we watched "A Bugs Life". At the end of the movie everyone was asleep! All 3 of them got along & played great together. DD sure had fun.

Today, I have been lazy. DD is napping and when she wakes up her friend will be back to play. I am gonna talk DH into taking us our for dinner tonight...up on the North Shore. I don't feel like cooking. I need to catch up on my dvr'ed shows that I have been missing. I want some ice cream.

Saturday: I wanna hit the beach & we have friends coming over for dinner.

Sunday: I think we will be lazy..if the weather is nice I will let dd get in her pool.


Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!