Thursday, April 28, 2005


For some reason my stomach was hurting so bad I donno what's up...but I took some Aleve and I feel better. I was gonna go take my walk but I didn't think I would get far before coming back home...I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Its been mission organization today in the kitchen in the cabinets. I HATE clutter and I found a 5pc organization set at wally world. I have two sets of pots & pans and they just didn't fit nicely in the cabinet so I got it the way I want it...with the lids on a rack so they are separated from the pots and standing up so it looks better & best of all it holds all 6 of my lids. DH hung a shelf rack thing on one of my cabinet doors so I can put the reynolds wrap/saran lock baggies in there to free up a drawer. DD's plates and bowls have there own spot now it was a pain to move her stuff around everytime we unloaded the dishwasher, so the bowls have a shelf and the plates have rack to sit on it works great. There was a spice rack which I didn't really need cuz we have one but dh hung it anyway and I put the spices we don't use often on there. Now if I can only find a spot for a small rack that would normally be for can goods..I have a separate storage cabinet that we bought when we were in the other house for food storage. I'll find a home for it one day..maybe I can use it in the cabinet in the bathroom.

DD likes flushing the toilet..a kid thing I guess. I put in a tablet thing that makes the water blue well now she thinks it needs to be flushed..I tried explaining to her the water is just blue it doesn't need to be flushed. As long as she isn't putting toys and any parts of her body in the toilet then I can't complain..we were afraid she would start doing it since it was colorful but she just wants to flush for me.

I worked on my little projects. Crocheting, I can do the chain stitch and single crochet but I am not sure when I turn around if I am doing it correctly. I really like doing it so far, it's just learning that can be fustrating because I want to make all the pretty little things NOW. I think I need to get a lighter color yarn to actually see better. The lei, I did it but I made it too tight so I undid it and will start on it later tonight, dd wanted to play with her flashcards so I stopped.

DH came home today and told me something that flattered me...he said, "Did your know you were a hottie" I was wondering where it was coming was odd for him to just go from one conversation to the other well it threw me for a I said what do u mean. Apprently, a guy from his old unit approached him about me and ask dh if I was his wife...he said, yeah why..and he replied she's a hottie. I think its pretty funny so I told him to go back to work and tell him thanks for the compliment. DH said he was going to wait until I had a bad day to tell me but decided he would go ahead and tell that was my feel good moment for the day!!

American Idol, Constantine is gone whoohoo his "looks" into the camera were so annoying. Bo & Carrie are my favorites.