Thursday, April 28, 2005

starting early

So I am writing here earlier than I usually do...I have been trying to do it right before I go to sleep but I doubt I will get to it tonight.

She slept an HOUR longer than her normal wake up time..this makes me happy. I was able to spend time with dh quietly before he headed to work.


I worked on my lei I think it came out good for my first one...I want to go pick up some different colors some lighter ones. I am gonna get some ribbon to finish this one off for the top part where it is tied together. It took an hour but I think I can do it faster after I make a couple.

Image hosted by

I need to jump in the shower..get dd to take a mini nap or she will hit the sack early. I am babysitting tonight dd is gonna have a fun she likes when other kiddos are around.


sweet man said...

Good to hear you were able to spend some extra time with dh. The lei looks good, keep up the good work.