Sunday, April 10, 2005

I had a busy day yesterday so we relaxed today. I slept in dh got up with dd. We did run around tho...went to Sam's I love that place. I didn't need to hit the bookstore since they had the books I wanted there. I got Suze's new book and also runs along with her website. It touches on everything fico score, credit cards, career, savings, retirement, investing, purchasing cars & homes to will & trusts...EVERYTHING. Everyone should own this book it.. should have been a requirement in high school..after all she is absolutely right your FICO score is everything when it comes to finances. I love this lady.

So I spent the day playing with dd and watching tv with dh...napped and read my book. I made the guys (dh's squad) cupcakes..I am sure they will really enjoy them.

Breakfast: Waffle for me..since I slept in
Lunch: Hot wings
Dinner: Ravoli with garlic bread..seems like we just had it the other day but its soo yummy.