Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It's been rather quiet around there lately. This weekend was a lay back and relax weekend.

I re-arranged dd's room this morning. I think I like it better now, I want to add some stuff to her walls so I surfed for stuff online and I think I found what I want to get. I would love her room to look like this, look here, but I would wait until we had our own house so it would last a long time. I am just going to do flowers and butterflies similar to that on her wall around her kitchen area, they are cheap removable and reusable. She loves her little kitchen, she is playing with it more and more. Saturday she started playing with it in her room alone. DH and I would stand my the door way and watch it was sooo adorable, got some of it on tape. Now she brings us her pretend food to eat and drink. Today I got this picture each chip is on a burner, too funny.

I cleaned today...the bathroom tub is so annoying to clean..but thanks magic clean eraser it looks really good!! DD helped me do laundry too. I vaccumed the house. I need to change out a rug in the dining room that is annoying.

DD got a dvd today to watch about potty training, we watched it with her today..I hope it will help in the whole potty training deal. She is interested its just getting her to go do it...she will sit there all day but its just her performing the act that we are waiting on. She will get it tho..just gonna take time.

DH is on this PS2 golf kick...

more later