Saturday, February 05, 2005

Wow, today has been a long day! Shelby has her 18 mth appt today, kinda late getting it done but its done now and hubby was able to be there thats why I held off doing it. She is a growing little girl, she had one shot and a finger prick...she did a great job too including the waiting around part.

DH got his belongings from deployment in the mail and he gave me his goodies to look at while he was over there. It's really amazing how many people he got letters and packages from, reading the support from families around America is awesome. Books for Soldiers and some other places thru the internet is how he got these letters, its a great thing. I am gonna be starting a scrapbook with his deployment stuff now, I am excited.

I have been staying busy around the house and running around the island, not literally haha. It's been really yucky weather here, I am ready for some SUN!!!