Sunday, February 06, 2005

I went shopping today & it felt so good not to have to have a little one attached to me. We got our TV delivered and I looks good altho its gonna take some getting used too. I can't wait to get our HD DVR box..soon, I am excited..I really don't like this DVR box I have now it stinks. I just hope the HD one is better.

Shel got sunglasses to last a lifetime haha well her younger yrs anyway they had a great sale .49 each so I got enough for them being broken or lost and I wouldn't feel bad. She got a new pair of pants, pj's & a swimsuit...and I love OUTLETS!!!

I got home and saw that her shot that she got yesterday was ugly looking, red welp larger than a half dollar and was getting hard. I called acute care and the told me to bring her we go up there and sit, waited for a total time of 2 hrs from arriving to discharge, I guess it would be worse..but I felt like the clinic was infested with germs..and they told me to watch her for breathing problems fever and for the area to get worse. If I wasn't better by Monday then she needed to be seen by a specialist.

So since we had a long night we want fast food for dinner & now I am tired. I am ready for superbowl can't wait. I get to be lazy and each snack foods & beer hahah..I have heard that commericals this yr will suck, I hope not. I guess I enjoy the game then.

I am going to bed, I am sleepy!!