Thursday, December 23, 2004

I am way behind on this...lets catch up a little!!

It's December time has flown by and I haven't been keeping up quite well and that is because I have been very busy. I am now back in Hawaii and completely settled. I am so happy that I came back to the island when I did. Hubby will be home soon and I can't freaking wait. It's been one long year. DD won't know whats going on having her daddy home. I can't wait to do things as a family together and to be able to go hang out with my friends to get some mommie time. Life is gonna get better really soon!!!

DD is doing good...She has been tuning in to Barney, I donno what hubby would say about that..but it makes her happy and that works for me. She is learning new things like doing laundry, training her early hahahah she picks up my dirty clothes in my room and puts them in the laundry basket then pushes it into the laundry room. I bought her a little broom so she could help sweep the floor instead of her inisting on using the "real" broom it worked until she threw it down the balcony and I haven't gone down to retrieve it from the neighbors, so her sweeping days are on hold until I go get it back. I bought her a stool so she could start stepping up to the sink since she insists on brushing her teeth for 30 mins, at least it seems like its that long. She likes to be at eye view when u are cooking so shes been front in center on the kitchen counter watching me cook our meals or on my hip. I love my little girl so much I can't wait for hubby to be able to join in the fun, she is gonna love having her daddy home.

I bought a new dining room table and dh said he likes it. It's in storage because the box is too big and heavy to get upstairs and I need to get rid of the one I still have. I am waiting on Josh to get home before I put the table up so some of his buddies can help carry the box up here. I got it on sale, a really good deal. I'll show pics once we get it in the house and together.

We will be getting DD her toddler bed once he gets home also. We have friends staying with us now so we put getting the bed on hold until hubby gets home too, since they are using her room right now.

I am happy to be in my own house again with my furniture, it feels like a home again. I can't wait for hubby to get here and feel at home again. He does have a to do list but its pretty small.

Christmas is upon us, this time last yr we were getting ready to head back home and hubby was preparing for deployment..thankfully 2005 is looking to be a good year. DH and I have decided that we will keep Christmas day really simple. DD will open a couple presents and then we will have our normal Christmas once hubby gets home. We really didn't do Christmas last yr because of the move, we flew out the day after Christmas. We are gonna have a small dinner with the friends that are staying here at the house and other wives that need a place to call home for christmas. This yr definately has been a tough one for many of us but we all get thru it some how.

To all the fellow familys that are missing a loved one this yr...know that u aren't alone!! God Bless, u are doing a great job holding up the home front!!!