Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wow, its Wednesday already. Time is flying pretty quicky I bet this weekend will creep by. I can't wait to see hubby..he left me some offlines today while I was at work everything thing seems to be going as planned on his end..yippee!!

I woke up today, got ready to leave and guess what I can't find the truck keys. I hate it when I am not together in the morning. Thankfully I have a spare key but that ment I wouldn't be able to get back in the house after work didn't really matter tho because DD had her drs appt today. I went picked her up from the babysitters and headed to my MIL (yes, they are getting married..she has always been classified as my MIL but its gonna be OFFICIAL)to hang out since I lost the house key and its really close to the drs office anyway. Her kiddos where there so it worked out good cuz I haven't seem them in a while and DD got to play with them a little. We head to the drs appt, an ENT physican to get her ear checked follow up visit from her first ear infection. She still has the fluid in her ears and he recommended me go ahead and get the tubes in there. I said A-ok and well will be doing that in a week. I rather her have it done here where I know the physicans on a personal level instead of military physicians who I haven't had a good experience with. So tomorrow I am gonna talk to one of my favorite drs I work for and make sure that he is working that day so he can do the anesthesia for us. I know is minor surgery but its nice knowing that your child will have special treatment and will be taken care of. I am sure she will be a different child once this is taken care of.

My husband has found a pair of cowgirl overalls for $65.00 that he wants to get DD. My mouth feel when I saw the price, holy crap. I tried to get them for her since he said that he wants her to have them but they are out of stock, I tried thats all I can say LOL..maybe I can go spend that $65.00 on a I can full her closet up with clothes and SHOES..I love shoes heeheh.

2 more days of work and then I am off for a while. Once this weekend gets here I won't have much time for the internet gotta get everything ready since we have so much going on these next couple of weeks. I'll try and post updates on us..woohoo I am getting so excited.

oh yeah most forgot..we might me in the spotlight again...once I know for sure the plan I will elaborate on it some more.