Monday, September 27, 2004

Tropical Storm Jeanee was upon us last night. I couldn't sleep, the rain was banging on the windows and wind howling. I was imaging crazy stuff happening and ended up dreaming about the roof coming off. My brother comes to tell me before I hit the sack that he put all my purse, diaper bag & keys together in a specific spot just in case we had to get outta here. That didn't help me get to sleep any faster.

I woke up with a headache got dressed for work. Left messages for my husband online..waiting for R & R info. Took DD to the sitter, gosh she is cheap too bad I can't take her to hawaii with me. I got to work and guess what no one was there. Woohoo I gotta day off..I didn't do anything tho. I gotta go run and get DD from the babysitter now so I gotta get off this addicting computer.

See ya!!