Monday, August 02, 2004

Wow, I am behind...

I went back to work July 1st...gosh I didn't realize how much I missed working. I love working for this anesthesia wonder why I didn't want to leave them the first time. I am only working 4 hrs a day and 5 days a week. I pretty much can go and leave as I please..but I am trying to stay on a schedule for DD sake. She is doing pretty good with daycare.

DD has been sick and I am really upset with the MTF here. Needless to say I am gonna be dropping a pretty little letter in the mail. She was running fever...started Tuesday and they wouldn't do anything until it was OVER 72 hrs. I finally took her to the local hospital and she has an ear infection she is on two RX's..its been fun trying to get her to take them. At least she is sleeping better...a couple days there I didn't think I would make it.

I am waiting on more word on R & R....DH was told "finally" that everyone was getting it including the higher ups that we heard weren't gonna be able to go...anyways thats good news..I just hope he gives me a date and doesn't suprise me. I would like to take DD to Sea World and plan some other adventures together. GOSH I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Everyone is getting new cars..makes me want one. DH dad, DH step mom and my parents all new SUV's, must be something in the water. Ford apparently has a pretty good deal....60 mths 0 % financing and rebates, military discounts...too bad my Camry isn't here...altho I LOVE my car...I don't think I could part with it just yet. We will wait until get back for good from Hawaii before we buy again. I wish DH would let me trade in his truck...thats his second baby. I hate driving it....its to big for me BUT it gets me around and if u wanna be noticed thats the truck u should be riding in.

Gotta run and get in bed...oh i need to tell yall about my best friend from HS that I haven't talked to in 6 yrs...that will be next time...