Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Can u believe it's September already!!

My best friend will be here in 2 days...I am getting excited. I gotta get my hair chopped off its driving me crazy!!

I have been missing dh online, thats life tho. We r waiting on R & R word, hopefully we will know something soon. I am getting excited, I just hope they don't plan on making any changes before he gets to come home. I am trying not to get extreme excited and also keeping in the back of my mind that the military can be unpredictable and u never know what could happen..so just waitin now.

I have been working lots...well alot compared to sittin on my butt addicted to the net when I was in Hawaii. Shel is doing good at the babysitters. She has fluid in her ears from the latest infection...we went to the MTF here and they told us nothing was wrong, I am sorry but u know when your kid isn't acting right so I went for a second opinion this time to an ENT Dr....needless to say the peditrician called to apologize after I called then to let then know what happened. Now they are supposed to be approving my visit and if they don't, well thats another story.