Sunday, January 25, 2004

My Day

Well, This is my first entry!!! I hope one day dh can read this....

I was lazy most of today...just let the day fly by. It was nice to be lazy tho. I did go out to eat with my mom, dad, brother & SIL.

I haven't heard from dh since he got to Kuwait...maybe he will get to call or email soon!!

Shelby is crawling up a storm and babbling more and more each day. She has been eating really good for me too...tonight she got a taste of banana pudding!! I really need to get to Walmart and get a new video tape so I can make more and sent to hubby so he can see her growing. Tonight she grabbed a wash basket and stood up by herself...I couldn't believe it...she is growing up too quick...

She is sleeping now I hope she stays asleep for the entire night!! Wishful thinking. I really need to be in bed so I can stay caught up on sleep, u never know when she will suprise me and wake up unexpectantly.

I guess I am gonna run off of here and go read my group boards...maybe there will be some action going on....


I love u BABY!!!
Be Safe